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From matt ma <mattmapr...@yahoo.com>
Subject xindice performance
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:16:22 GMT

I have a fairly small xml database (<2 Mb) with about
20 documents inside 1 container running in xindice
1.1b.  This database is expected to grow to something
much larger so I've started to work on performance

My XPath queries (fairly simple /node/node[@id=#]
without using any xpath functions like contains) take
1.5 sec on acerage going through xml-rpc interface.

My xupdate statements take about 2.25 sec using

My xindice server runs dual xeon 2ghz and 10k rpm
drives.  I have not tried indexing yet.

Are my response times what other users are
experiencing?  Why does an xupdate statement take so

I'm looking for a minimum response time of 300ms per
xupdate / xpath and ideally 100ms (which means I'll
need a 10x speed improvement)

Is this possible by running embedded and/or indexing? 
If so, where can I find some info on how to get
Xindice 1.1 to run in embedded mode.  And how do you
pass xupdate statements in embedded mode?

Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.


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