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From Michael Kurz <dr.go...@a1.net>
Subject XPathQueryService.setDefaultNamespace
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 21:06:12 GMT

I use Xindice 1.1b1 in combination with JAXB and Cocoon for a project at 
university. The xml files I store in the xindice collections are 
instances of (w3c-)schema documents with a target-namespace (which is 

To retrieve documents from xindice collections, I use the 
XPathQueryService class. Because I specified schemas with target 
namespace I have to use a namespace in xpath queries. I originally 
wanted to use default namespaces with XPathQueryService using:


But this method is no longer present in xindice 1.1b1 (it was in 1.0). 
Then I tried the same using


This should work according to the api-javadoc. The query is executed but 
I always get an empty ResourceSet.

Everything works fine if I specify a prefix using


But then I have to alter the xpath query (for instance 
"/book[@id='1000']" to "/ng:book[@id='1000']"). This is not a real 
problem but I am curious about default namespaces. I really want to know 
why it is not working. Is it a temporary problem of xindice 1.1b1 or is 
the namespace handling with xpath completely changed in version greater 
than 1.0 (most parts seem to be the same)?

nice greetings

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