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From Murray Altheim <m.alth...@open.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Storing XML in string format
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:44:48 GMT
Henrik Vendelbo wrote:
> Hmm, look like a hack, but if it does the job I can live with it. I don't
> quite understand why the string I pass isn't valid XML, which Xindice should
> store properly. Or are you merely saying that I can speed up the DOM parsing
> using a CDATA element ?
> Does this mean that Xindice will go via DOM even if you use SAX ?
> And will the CDATA wrap be removed before storing it in the db ?


Honestly, I was in a hurray and perhaps don't understand your
predicament entirely. If you want to store XML as XML, as DOM,
then don't use CDATA sections. If you want to store XML as a
String, use a CDATA section. You'll lose the ability to do XPath
queries and anything else XML-ish, but you can store non-well-
formed markup, or any content that you don't care about in its
form as markup.

If this isn't helpful, then I'm probably barking up the wrong tree.


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