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From "Christian Schuster" <Christian.Schus...@edv-konzepte.com>
Subject Problem with XPath after Update to Xindice1.1b1
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2003 09:01:25 GMT

I'm developping on a web-application running on Tomcat 4.1.24 and installed Xindice 1.1b1
into the same Tomcat, connected by Network access (I couldn't find enough docu for embedded...).
Nearly everything works fine again, except this XPath Expression, which I use to search for
a person with lastname "Schuster" in the Collection "Person":


Before it worked perfectly running Xindice1.0 on j2sdk1.4.1 with these jars: xalan2.0.1, xerces1.4.3,
openorb1.2.0. Now: j2sdk1.4.2, Xindice1.1a, xalan2.5.1, xercesImpl2.5.0, and all those jars
that come with the xindice1.1a-jar distribution. Direct Access through XindiceIDs and XPath
without "starts-with" or "contains" still works well.

Thanks for help

Christian Schuster

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