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From "tycho brahe" <t_br...@hotmail.com>
Subject A few PropertyPermissions
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 13:33:56 GMT
Hello dear xindice-users!

I have put xindice on tomcat at a web-hosting service.   (xindice 1.1b1)
I won't run though  since the securitymanager denies it a couple of
PropertyPermissions,  at least thats the problem right now.

so far I've come accross   xindice.db.home and
something like   ...xpath.querytype..bla

I guess I'll discover them all sooner or later,
if the host doesn't tire of my requests for one permission at a time before 
that,  anyway..

Can anyone tell  me what Permissions xindice wants under normal
conditions, and if there is a standard way to handle these 
PropertyPermission issues,
maybe tell xindice use some default values instead ..?

Thanks for any help.

/tycho brahe

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