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From Julie McCabe <julie.mcc...@qub.ac.uk>
Subject synchronisation probelms
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 10:20:49 GMT

Has anybody noticed synchronisation problems using the 
XUpdateQueryService.updateResource method?  

Here is my problem, any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.  
I have a multi-threaded program which processes a list of items, this list is 
contained in a xindice collection.  While processing these items the 
collection is updated and I have logging statements that show the commands as 
they are about to execute.  The Java class which connects to the collection 
is synchronised on all methods which either read or update the collection.  
However some of the updates are lost and the data contained in the xindice 
collection at the end of the program execution is not representative of the 
actions performed in the program - not good.  During program execution, other 
collections are accessed but only one collection is updated.

I was wondering what type of Java interfaces are people using to xindice  - 
for example static, singleton, connection pool etc. Has anybody else noticed 
this behaviour?


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