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From JC Tchitchiama <...@panonet.net>
Subject Re: Howto creating new Collection
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 17:40:33 GMT

What do you mean by web-interface; if you refer to the 'Ugky debug tool' then
I don't thnk it allows actions such as creating a collection.

You're best bet is to use the comand line tool

    ac           Adds a collection/nested collection
    dc           Deletes a collection/Nested collection

    xindice ad -c /db/test -f /tmp/xmldocument -n myxmldocument
    xindice dd -c /db/test -n myxmldocument
    xindice rd -c /db/test/ocs -f a:\file.xml -n file.xml
    xindice xpath -c /db/test/ocs -q test
    xindice xpath -c /db/test -s a=http://somedomain.com/schema.xsd -q /a:foo

> Hi
> I've just installed Xindice 1.1 as well as the AddressBook demo on my
> Tomcat.
> However AddressBook will not work because there is no addressbook
> Collection in the database.
> How do I create a new Collection from the web-interface?

Best Regards.

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