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From Terry Rosenbaum <Te...@amicas.com>
Subject Re: xpath with index after data is added does not work
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 14:02:12 GMT
Andrew White wrote:

> element@id doesn't.  See my comments on bug 21055.

You could be correct about indexing not working after
shutdown/restart. The unit tests do not address
that situation.

I do know from unit tests (both those now integrated and
those not yet integrated but attached to bug 23595) that
indexing (including element@attr) does work in the
unit test situation. The IndexedSearchTest attached to 23595
performs various queries both with and without indexes
and compares the run times to determine whether or
not indexing is assisting performance.

Also, indexing (I use element@attr patterns) works fine in my 
applications BUT my applications
use Xindice in embedded mode as a "temporary" database. The Xindice
database and indices are created fresh each time the applications

Perhaps you can devise a unit test demonstrating the problem
and contribute it to the project?

I don't think that rebooting the computer is necessary for this
failure, is it? Seems like running in the embedded mode and
completely shutting down the database before using
it again would do the trick.


Andrew White wrote:

>Terry Rosenbaum wrote:
>>Speaking of my knowledge of the indexing system
>>and observations WRT 1.1b1:
>>String Indexes with patterns like
>>"element", "element@id" and "*@id" should
>>work fine.
>element@id doesn't.  See my comments on bug 21055.
>Unless I'm doing something else wrong?

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