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From Murray Altheim <m.alth...@open.ac.uk>
Subject Re: access control in xindice
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:34:59 GMT
Honglin Ye wrote:
> xml-security is a too-big topic. I am thinking how to prevent un-wanted
> query. As it stands now, Any one who knows the hostName and portNumber
> can query/update documents inside, by using either a commandline tool or
> a slightly modified java-api. (assume that he is inside the firewall, or
> he is outside firewall but the port used is open)

But you can do that in your application, not in Xindice. There's
no need to pollute Xindice's code base with every single need there
is out there. There's about ten ways to handle this before you ever
need to modify things at the database layer.


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