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From Honglin Ye <...@aoc.nrao.edu>
Subject Re: access control in xindice
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:53:57 GMT
Murray Altheim wrote:

> Honglin Ye wrote:
> [...]
>> xml-security is a too-big topic. I am thinking how to prevent un-wanted
>> query. As it stands now, Any one who knows the hostName and portNumber
>> can query/update documents inside, by using either a commandline tool or
>> a slightly modified java-api. (assume that he is inside the firewall, or
>> he is outside firewall but the port used is open)
> But you can do that in your application, not in Xindice. There's
> no need to pollute Xindice's code base with every single need there
> is out there. There's about ten ways to handle this before you ever
> need to modify things at the database layer.
> Murray

I did not demand to pollute xindice. While you mentioned ten ways to accomplish
that, I only need one. The easier the better. Can anyone let me how to hide
the xindice from quering using commandline tool?


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