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From Stefan Lischke <lisc...@novacom.net>
Subject Re: access control in xindice
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 17:52:19 GMT

I have another nice Method for secure acces to xindice which i used a year
ago, so i dont know if its possible with the actual version.

First u have to change your config.xml and tell xindice, that it only
accept connections made from localhost.

Now u set up a ssh tunnel from the machine where u want to acces xindice
(for example with xmldbgui) to the xindice server machine and port.

Login is now made via ssh to the server machine which should be secure.

Now your are talking to xindice with localhost:1111 which is mapped via
ssh tunnel to xindice-server:7777

hope this helps.


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