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From christophe reiss <christophe.re...@free.fr>
Subject Re: problem with collection creation and index creation in the same run (embed)
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 15:44:44 GMT
> I think problem is that you forgot to shutdown database, so some files 
> are not written to the disk after first run. Also, index population is 
> performed asynchronously, so you need to give it some time to index 
> documents, and only then shutdown the database.
> Vadim

I tried to shutdown it by calling DatabaseInstanceManager.shutdown() on the 
DatabaseInstanceManager casted from the CollectionManager of the root 
collection without success.
I also tried to shutdown each collections the same way without success, and 
forced the flushConfig() on the org.apache.xindice.core.Database... still no 


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