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From Vadim Gritsenko <va...@reverycodes.com>
Subject Re: broken db?
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 10:28:28 GMT
Christian Schuster wrote:

>From: Christian Schuster 
>Sent: Tuesday, 6. April 2004 16:48
>To: xindice-users@xml.apache.org
>Subject: broken db?
>>what can be the reason if a correctly stored document can't be found?
>>Do tools exist that examine and repair a database?
>>Actually I use Xindice 1.1b3 embedded.
>> <Name>test</Name>
>> <Firma>
>>   <FirmaID>1cbac12c68351506000000fba55a088f</FirmaID>
>> </Firma>
>>The following XPathQuery works:
>>And this one doesn't work, although it does for hundreds of other documents:
>>Indexers have been added some time ago (using Xindice 1.0):
>>call xindiceadmin add_indexer -c /db/plunet/person  -n nameindex -p Name
>>call xindiceadmin add_indexer -c /db/plunet/person  -n firmaindex -p FirmaID
>>thanks for Your time,
>> Christian
>Hi again,
>I solved the problem by deleting and re-adding the indexers with Xindice 1.0.
>However, I got an Error while doing so, perhaps You can use that:
>        at java.io.DataInputStream.readInt(Unknown Source)
>        at org.apache.xindice.xml.sax.SAXEventGenerator.processContainer(SAXEventGenerator.java:254)
>        at org.apache.xindice.xml.sax.SAXEventGenerator.start(SAXEventGenerator.java:342)
>        at org.apache.xindice.core.indexer.IndexManager$SAXHandler.<init>(IndexManager.java:462)
>        at org.apache.xindice.core.indexer.IndexManager.populateNewIndexers(IndexManager.java:318)
>        at org.apache.xindice.core.indexer.IndexManager.access$300(IndexManager.java:85)
>        at org.apache.xindice.core.indexer.IndexManager$AutoIndexer.run(IndexManager.java:616)

I'm no Xindice 1.0 expert, but it might be you've got corrupted 
database. It is just a guess. May be, if you enumerate through all 
documents in this collection, you'll find broken document.


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