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From Murray Altheim <m.alth...@open.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Running Xindice-1.1b4 in embedded mode
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 14:24:28 GMT
Jonathan Melhuish wrote:
> Mabanza, N wrote:
>>Hi Vadim,
>>Thanks for writng back to me.
>>Hard time in a sense that I have installed all the jar files in the classpath.. but
still not working. I want to run my application and server in the same virtual machine. I
am getting error message when running it..
>>Like if I try to run CreateCollection.java example, this is the error message I am
>>CreateCollection.java:22: package org.apache.xindice.xml.dom does not exist
>>import org.apache.xindice.xml.dom.DOMParser;
> You could try unpacking all of the JAR files that you have put in the 
> classpath, and seeing whether such a file does exist.  I used the "jar" 
> utility on Linux to do this, but I'm sure there's a Windows equivalent 
> (maybe WinZip, even?).
> If you can't find a file called "DOMParser", then you'll have to try to 
> work out which JAR file you are missing.  If it does exist, you 
> obviously have a problem with your classpath.

You don't need to unpack the jar files. You merely use the list
files parameter:

   jar -tvf file.jar

There is no need for a "windows equivalent", as the utility is
part of every Java distribution (at least from Sun and IBM).


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