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From "Christian Schuster" <Christian.Schus...@edv-konzepte.com>
Subject Is there interest in a Xindice-based project becoming OpenSource?
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 15:25:21 GMT
hi there,

i'd like to know if there is interest in participating in an OpenSource-project which is based
on Xindice 1.1b4. It uses JSP/Servlets with: XSL/XML for both the data and the GUI (transformed
to xhtml 1.0). It is a database for addresses, memos, tasks and dates with complex search-
and grouping-functions. Unfortunately most variablenames, comments are in german... And in
fact it is not yet OpenSource, but I try to convince my boss to do so, again and again :-)

The reason I want it to become OpenSource is:
- my lack of knowledge in some parts
- the need for more manpower... (actually I'm the only one developing it for more than a year...)
- to contribute something back (I'm a happy user of Mozilla, OpenOffice, ...)

So my question:
Would anyone like to participate?
Or are there already too much projects of that kind?

Thanks for any help!

Christian Schuster

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