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From <mail...@pfeuffer-net.de>
Subject How to search for MetaData?
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:11:58 GMT

I'm running Xindice 1.1b4 in a tomcat 5.0.19 environment and I want to
search for stored documents by using the MetaData Information, Xindice
assigned to the documents.

It was no big problem to import and export both, XMLResources and
BinaryResources. Also the assignment of SystemMetaData (CreationDate,
ModificationDate) and CustomMetaData (based on Dublin Core) could be
realized. But how can I query the database (for example per XPath) and
search for specific documents using the MetaData-Information.

My first idea was to store the MetaData inside the XMLResources and query by
XPath, but this doesn't work with binary objects of course.

I didn't find any functions for querying MetaData in the DB:XML API.

Perhaps anyone can help me?

Thanks very much,

Sven Pfeuffer.

Sven Pfeuffer     ***     mailbox@pfeuffer-net.de

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