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From Torsten Steinert <TorstenStein...@web.de>
Subject Re: how powerful is Xindice?
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 14:08:50 GMT

Arsen A. Gutsal schrieb:
> Help me understand how powerful is Xindice.
> I've the project which use some data. Currently I've it in Xindice
> v1.1b4.
> Everything works fine, but I'm not sure how it will work if my Customers
> table will contain over 100'000 records? 
I guess that depends on how you structure your xml data. Xindice is not 
suitable for processing a single, large xml document. If i recall 
correctly, xindice handles best documents well below 1 MB. You would 
have to search the mailing list archives for further information.

> I'm using select from customers xml table based on ID (string field) and
> Password (string field).
> It's much more suitable for me rather then using MySQL or another
> relational database.
> But, is it viable and can I use it for commercial websites with
> hundereds of thousands visitors?

If you structure your data in a way so that you have lots of small xml
documents, each document contains one customer, then xindice is very 
I did a small student project where i benchmarked xindice and on other 
xml database. The data stored in the database were small xml documents 
(less than 1 KB each). Xindice could handle more than 100.000 documents 
easily without any noticeable performance degradation. The benchmark 
contained inserts, modifys, deletes and selects.

Hope this helped,

Torsten Steinert

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