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From Qunfang Zhang <qunfang.zh...@student.adelaide.edu.au>
Subject Re: Next Release?
Date Sat, 07 May 2005 04:24:07 GMT
Hi Vadim,

Sorry i might not discribe my question clearly. To put it simple, i am now using
xindice1.1b4, and i created a collection db/A/ and under this collection, i
created about 25 child collections, such as db/A/1/ to db/A/25 and put in these
child collection about 50 xml files each. and i kept doing the same thing and
created another collection such as db/A/26, tried to put another 50 xml files
into collection db/A/26, but this time when i check the bowser with
http://localhost:8080/xindice, there is only db/A/26/ collection with no any
files under it. However, at this moment, when i created another db/B/26/ and put
50 xml files in it, i can see them from browser. It seems that collection db/A/
has saturated.

I will try the current version of xindice later, at the moment i can cope with
put data in other collections.

Thanks for help!

qunfang zhang

Quoting Vadim Gritsenko <vadim@reverycodes.com>:

> Qunfang Zhang wrote:
> > I am just uploading xml files to xindice1.1b4 and some problems i
> encontered
> > are:
> How this relates to the question in subject?
> > After i uploaded my xml files to one collection, then the collection seems
> > fulled and cant take more. However, if i uploaded the same xml files( that
> could
> > not fit in the previous collection) to another collection, it was fine.
> > e.g.,
> >
> > under -- collection db/A/
> > there are collections
> >             db/A/1/
> >             db/A/2/
> >             ...
> >             db/A/25/
> > and each db/A/#/ collection contains around 50 xml files originally 2.4k.
> > then when i uploaded db/A/26/, the collections db/A/26/ can be created, but
> no
> > data allowed put in. later even db/A/27/ collection cant be created.
> So what happened - what "no data allowed put in. later even db/A/27/
> collection
> cant be created." means?
> > but all of them can be put say collection db/B/26/ and db/B/27/ with all
> data
> > files.
> >
> > any explainations?
> Nope. Try current CVS version, it has bug fixes.
> Vadim

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