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From "Adrian Parker" <Adrian.Par...@acc.co.nz>
Subject RE: Sorting results
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 01:36:53 GMT
Hi Paul

Trivially, do it on the Java side. I figure you knew that already never
the less its my advice to you.

IMHO all Xindice is very good at right now is CRUD operations for XML. 
Using it for much more than that is an adventure :) 

I find the classical value add type stuff that any decent RDBMS does for
you often isn't there at all, or isn't very mature with Xindice. Things
like sorting, date comparison, the list goes on. Perhaps there is a way
to do these things, I don't even know. But I'll bet my 5 dollars on
you'll find it easier in the long run to do it Java side. The Comparable
interface is mature. X<whatever> is not.

May I enquire if you're just playing with Xindice or if you're embedding
it within a big bad commercial app? I ask as I did the latter, it seems
like a natural - all this XML, an XML database must be the thing. 
And it did work. In development. Most of the time. For real simple
But after a few months chafing against "drat! Xindice isn't quite
<here>", or "I really don't like having my persistence layer reside in
the servlet container", or "argh! What's _that_ error?"... Or 'I wonder
if the XMLDB website will ever come back online?" just recently I've
gone back to Postgres and now I sleep better, my app works faster, is
more reliable, can be selectively backed up much easier, etc etc.

Xindice is very cool, don't get me wrong, my advice to you after seeing
your increasingly terse comments is just don't try to make it a
cornerstone of something that really matters, as it is not that mature

All of which is but my opinion. Good luck!

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From: Paul J. Lucas [mailto:pauljlucas@mac.com] 
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Subject: Sorting results

 	So how does one query the database *and* sort the results?
 	(The query part I know how to do.)

 	- Paul
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