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From Andre Juffer <ajuf...@sun3.oulu.fi>
Subject Re: ServerStartUp
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 21:26:47 GMT
Charles Lee wrote:
> HI guys!
> Just wondering if you guys/gals have xindice ver. 1.1b4 runnning? I have 
> installed the war successfully in tomcat and have added the appropriate 
> env variables. My OS is FC3.
> I try to add a new collection by issueing the following command:
> ./xindice.sh ac -c /db -n test
> The error message is:
> XMLDB Exception 0: Cannot communicate with the server: 
> The url should be http://localhost:8080/xindice/.
> Is there a way to configure that?

Deploy xindice.war (exactly this name) in the webapp directory of 
xindice. Start up Tomcat. Check if Tomcat actually runs 
(http://localhost:8080/). Then try http://localhost:8080/xindice/. This 
should work, there is nothing to configure. It should work out of the blue.

> Thanks in advace for any info..
> Charlie

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