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From Todd Byrne <by...@cns.montana.edu>
Subject Re: how to get collections tree from xindice
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 21:18:11 GMT
Can you post in the code that your trying to do this with? I am not 100% 
sure what your problem is from your description.


Marcin Goldyn wrote:
> thx for help
> but i have another problem
> there are 2 imports
> org.dbxml...
> and org.apache.xindice.... i need to use the second one couse it must 
> use have getDocumentCount() and listDocuments() org.dbxml doesn`t have 
> this methods but if use the second one i don know how to register 
> database because till now i use DatabaseManager.registerDatabase(db) and 
> i dont how to register using org.apache.xindice import
> can someone help me??
> Marcin Goldyn

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