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From "Cliff Schmidt" <cl...@bea.com>
Subject XMLBeans ready to exit incubation?
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 17:50:09 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote on Monday, June 14, 2004 11:46 PM:

> Understanding that "BEA has absolutely no intention of dropping
> support of the XMLBeans project", do you feel that XMLBeans is ready
> to leave the Incubator, or would it benefit from further stay?  How
> do others in the community feel?

Hey Community (-dev and -user list folks),

We've been talking on the incubator general list about criteria for
exiting the incubator, and Noel posed the questions above.  We're
all reconsidering whether it really is necessary to have a rule that 
states that no one organization can have more than 50% of the initial
committers, as long as there are at least three independent voices 
and the community seems to be working out.

IMO, XMLBeans has been going pretty well, especially in the last few
months.  We've gotten a lot of outside contributions, the committers
have been pretty responsive to the user community, and we've 
diversified the committer list over the last few months.  While I 
think we could go further in these directions, I feel like XMLBeans
is ready to request graduation from the incubator for two reasons:
1) XMLBeans is a good example of an Apache project and well on its
way to being even better -- in other words, "good for Apache".
2) XMLBeans no longer needs the incubator community to figure out
how to build a community and figure out logistic issues.

So, these are just my opinions, but I'm hoping to hear from others
out there (particularly the non-BEA members of the community).  

Are we ready to leave incubation?


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