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From David Smiley <dsmi...@mitre.org>
Subject No Collections API use?
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:24:27 GMT
Were standard collection interfaces considered instead of and/or in 
addition to the current use of Java arrays for the public interfaces 
generated?  I suspect this design decision was made because it was 
easier to code keeping potential multi-threaded use in mind.

I put a lot of importance on the collections API, so I would favor a 
future version of XmlBeans that removes all of the list-manipulation 
methods from generated interfaces implementations and instead has a 
simple getter for a java.util.List.  This has the benefit of 
simplifying the API and aligning it with interfaces Java programmers 
are already familiar with it.  The challenge would be for the 
implementation to offer performance on par with what we see now.  I 
think this can be done.  Heck, it sounds like fun to code too!  To 
minimize generation code, these generated implementations of 
java.util.List would all extend a base class held in the XMLBeans 
library which would contain code that would look a lot like what we see 
now in the generated Impl's but parameterized/genericized.

~ David Smiley
   MITRE, Dept D520 in Bedford
   AIM: dsmiley9

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