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From "Mike Skells" <Mike.Ske...@ebizz-consulting.com>
Subject [new user] questions on capabilities
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 19:20:01 GMT
I have had a look around the web site and I have a few questions onthe
technology. Sorry in advance if this is on the web site but I did look.
1. is there an ability to map between a XML element/attributes and the
associated XMLBean. 
2. is there an ability to read the annotation for xml definition, in
particular the nested XML child elements on an annotation
3. I presume that there is an ability to generate read-only objects,
e.g. for configuration files load etc
4. can the validation be extended to allow custom rules to be defined,
e.g. a string name is really a java class name
5. I presume that there is a simple mechanism to parse a document, and
allow for additional specificaton to be defined in the parse process
(e.g. 4 above). Can this process be influenced?
6. Is there a mechanism to associate a XMLSchema type with java
interface type (one that is hand generated) to allow for other
bahavioral aspects to be managed, e.g. business methods rather than data
access methods
7. Are beanInfo classes generated, or some similar model, to support
more complex property editors
8. is there an ability to break ot the parse so that some child elements
are parsed by some other mechanism. Specifically if there are some xml
nodes that are generated by 3rd party tools that have marshalling and
unmarshalling technology. Failing tat I presume that I could parse, and
then generate some of the nodes back to XML and reparse them in the
other tool.
The background is that I have a number of applications that are XML
schema based that currently have custom parsers, generating bean style
object with some additional behaviors. I presume that this project s
squarely aimed at educating me ona a better parctice (I hope so :-) )
I also have a job to maintain an IDE that edits configuration documents.
Most of this would behave well with property sheets and standard
editors, and beaninfo classes. Some of the classes have custom editors,
that relate to diagrams, so I would like a mechanism to generate the
editors in a simple manner, such as declaring the additional information
to drive the editor in the annotation
Yours hopefully
Mike Skells

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