HI,. my main problem is in fact that I can't get the: xbeans.jar
How does it work with:
cd xml-xmlbeans\v1
I can set the environment variables when I run xbeanenv, but what
'ant' is  supposed to  do???


Dutta Satadip wrote:
Hello Oliver,
It will be nice if you can provide a stack trace of the exceptions that you are encountering.
The build instructions in the website is available at (http://xml.apache.org/xmlbeans/sourceAndBinaries/index.html#XMLBeans+Source)
The "getting started" documentation is at
We can provide some more specific details about the problem if we a better understanding  of the problem. Please send the exception stack trace or any other error messages that you are encountering.
With Regards

Olivier Royo <royo.olivier@e-serve.ch> wrote:
I tried to start with xmlbeans...but here are my following problems:

1- can't fully compile source code :
mainly : import org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.jaxb.config.* fails (which
lib do I need!?!)

2- can you teach me how to start !?! an example would be perfect!!!

3- I have also pb to compile with scomp......

thanks a lot!!

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