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From Arek Stryjski <develo...@krzyzowki.net.pl>
Subject Re: Is it possible to direct generated output from multiple schemas t o a single jar?
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 13:14:31 GMT
Cytowanie "York Jeffrey  (ext1jzy)" <ext1jzy@ups.com>:

> 	I have a need to generate multiple types from multiple schemas but I
> would like to place them all in a single jar to attempt to simplify
> management.  Is it possible to direct generated output types from multiple
> schemas to a single jar?
> Jeff York
> x678-1178

like this?

    <target name="xmlb" depends="init">
        <xmlbean destfile="${gener.dir}/oneJar.jar"
            <fileset dir="${schemas.dir}" includes="**/*.xsd"/>


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