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From "Saha, Sanjeev" <SS...@asce.org>
Subject Retaining XmlCursor on a newly ceated/added XmlObject
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 15:13:23 GMT
For the sample xml:

  <Row>so on and so forth

The <Row> is processed by a separate api and returned as an XmlObject. After the <Row>
is returned, it is added to the <ResultSet> for further processing. Since the <Rows>
have the same 'Name' it becomes difficult to process the most recently returned <Row>.

Is there a way to retain the XmlCursor of the <Row/> that is returned so that after
it is added to the <ResultSet> processing on the same can be continued?

The api that deals with the <ResultSet> creates the <Row> XmlObject and passes
it on for processing. Which is to say that it knows what object was worked upon including
the XmlCursor on the <Row>, however, I lose this reference as soon as I add it to the
<ResultSet> object :o(

I've tried fromCursor.copyXml(toCursor), but it still points to the independently created
<Row> object and not the <Row> embedded in the <ResultSet>. 

Thanks in advance,

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