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From Ben Munat <b...@munat.com>
Subject xmlbeans and xslt
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 22:52:18 GMT
Hi. Xmlbeans looks very cool. Was wondering, however, if there is any 
way of manipulating the objects created by a compiled schema with JAXP?

I'm particularly interested in transforming instances of my schema via a 
compiled XSLT (using XSLTC, unless there's something better someone can 
recommend). It would be cool to be able to apply transformations to the 
xmlbeans types and get back a different document structure, but still in 
xmlbeans classes. However, I realize that might be a tall order.  For 
now, just being able to compile a schema, create an instance and then 
transform it into classes of any xml library.



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