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From "David Remy" <dr...@bea.com>
Subject Online Schema Tools
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 22:44:18 GMT
I put together an XMLBeans online schema validator (validates a schema
(not an instance)) and schema compiler.  The schema validator lets you
paste in a schema or upload a schema an will validate it.  The schema
compiler will let you upload a schema, paste in a schema, or provide a
zip file containing multiple schemas, wsdls, xsdconfig, or java files.
It will do an xmlbeans compile and then give you a link to a jar you can
download.  Optionally it will put the source code in the jar as well.

It is not very well tested yet so feel free to help test!  

In order to support V1 and V2 there are two webaps:

Version 1.03 -> http://xmlbeans.webappshosting.com/schemaToolsV103

Version 2 -> http://xmlbeans.webappshosting.com/schemaToolsV2

I will post the code I used to create the webapps up on the site as well
when I get a chance.  Feel free to email me suggestions.  I will add
more/improve as I get time.


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