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From Ricardo Rocha <rica...@apache.org>
Subject XSP Topics
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 14:43:57 GMT
Hi guys,

The XSP language is being reshaped by both the lessons learned from
its childhood in Cocoon1 and by Cocoon2's own evolutive pressures.

Proposed topics:

- Cleaning up the language
- Taglibs and logicsheets
- XSP and [an XML-savvy] JSP
- XSP and XSLT extensions
- Multiple language support
- Reimplementing XSP for Cocoon2

Some language revisions have been recently considered:

  - The deprecation of the <xsp:page> root element
  - The deprecation of the <?xml-logicsheet?> directive
  - Decoupling code generation from target program type and Cocoon!
  - Adding caching semantics
  - Adding debugging semantics

Taglibs and logicsheets revisited:

  - Namespace-driven taglibs
  - The SiLLy language: how simple is simple?
  - Tag-to-code mapping patterns
  - Taglibs and multiple language support

How do XSP and [XML] JSP relate to each other?

  - What's wrong with JSP?
  - What's wrong with XSP
  - Should/Can XSP and JSP converge?
  - The Highlander syndrome: "there can be only one"

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