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From "Tagunov Anthony" <atagu...@nnt.ru>
Subject taglib application order (was: Re-purposing XSP)
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2001 18:00:22 GMT
Hello, evrybody!!

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001 15:50:44 -0000, Allan Erskine wrote:
>XSP page generation
>Taglibs are introduced by namespacing in any element, eg. <p
>xmlns:esql="http://apache.org/sql">,.....<p> (end of tag lib scope)
>including the root element.

Please excuse me (somewhat a lurker) for boldness, but still:
since there's some talk here on a kind of "refactoring xsp" (Allan)
(or refactoring the way it is used Matt), maybe it would be a good
time to consider the questions that (IMHO ;) have long been in the 
way of XSP developers:

-1- the order in which the taglibs are applied
-2- taglib A being dependent on taglib B:
  -2.1- taglib A producing tags processed by taglib B
  -2.2- taglib A requiring some other code generated by taglib B

Please tell if i miss something: has -1- (aka -2.1-) been solved? 

I clearly under there are some easy cases when the order of
taglib application is insignificant 
still the problem exists.

As far as i understand specifing taglibs as namespace attributes
of an xml tag (<xsp:page> or arbitrary start tag not in the xsp: namespace)
has a "built-in" drawback of not being able to get 'em in proper order
(or has this been solved in C2 where there's SAX in place of DOM?
does SAX preserve order of prefixes?)
(I guess that in AxKit the order is not a problem: i expect it is just preserved..)

Even if this problem is solved in C2 still, is there/should there be a way
for taglib A specify that it wants taglib B to be run after it?
Maybe it would be enough to warn in the documentation for A:
"please make sure to run B after A, or it won't work"

Introduction of aspects, as far as i understand only makes the problem
more important

Best regards, Tagunov Anthony

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