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From Ulrich Mayring <ulr...@mayring.de>
Subject Modularizing XSP
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 21:49:52 GMT
Hi folks,

a while ago I asked whether it would be feasible to seperate XSP from
Cocoon and the consensus was that it is possible, but requires some
work. Now, suppose I were to tackle this, is there any interest in
getting this code back into Cocoon or would you rather I do my thing and
XSP remains as it is?

If there is interest in a contribution, do you have any preferences as
to the interfaces to the "outside world", i.e. Cocoon?

I don't know how "embedded" XSP currently is and if it uses any Cocoon
features or whether Cocoon itself would have to be changed, but I'll
probably take a look soon. My idea is to use XSP for a non-Cocoon
project, but if the community feels uneasy about that I can also invent
my own thing and design a "inspired by XSP" button :)



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