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From Ulrich Mayring <ulr...@mayring.de>
Subject Re: Modularizing XSP
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 18:26:33 GMT
forge@neonics.com wrote:
> > You have great ideas that fully resonate with what Cocoon is today. What
> > about working with us on the "real" cocoon instead of reinventing your own ?
> Sure, I'd like that!
> I just thought Cocoon would be finished by now having all those great
> programmers working on it for so long.. ;)

My 2 cents:

I think Cocoon is great for professional software developers, but the
more features were added the more the initial simplicity and elegance
were lost. Nowadays Cocoon does so much that it has become a platform of
its own and it requires a serious strategic commitment. Previously I
could just sneak it in and write a couple of nice web apps, basically
without anyone noticing it. I was confident that I could quickly
refactor my web apps to any platform that might be called for in the future.

The other advantage Cocoon once had was ease of use. In all my career as
a software developer I have never been able to come up with a
full-blown, interactive application faster than with Cocoon1. It will be
interesting to see how well Cocoon2 stacks up once all the planned
features for web app development are incorporated.

I think Cocoon1 was at a point, where it had to be rewritten from
scratch. And the community decided to try something radically different.
Of course such a decision always leaves a few people behind, who rather
liked the old ways, but you can't help it, if you want to achieve real
progress. I think the decision was 100% correct, even though in this
case it was me at the other end of the gun :)

Looking at the facts proves my theory: in the past two years Cocoon2 has
come a long way, whereas I haven't really had "the" revolutionary idea
how to make a better Cocoon :)


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