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From Ulrich Mayring <ulr...@mayring.de>
Subject Re: namespace dispatch
Date Sun, 07 Apr 2002 14:11:48 GMT
Matt Sergeant wrote:
> The XSP spec? ;-)

Sorry, didn't want to be mean ;-)

> Can you think of a use case for where an XSP taglib might be interested in
> child tags that aren't expressions? I can't, but then again I'm used to
> writing them without such an option.

I'm not sure what you mean by "child tags that aren't expressions".
Also, I'm not sure if "use cases" is the appropriate term here, perhaps
"problem cases" is a better term. If we support XSLT/XPATH, then someone
is going to write a template that refers to its children or another part
of the document entirely. Now, we can say that guy is dumb and shouldn't
do it, but he will say we are dumb if we don't handle that in a uniform
way :)

I think the case we're talking about here is actually a special case of
a more general problem: what if we do SAX processing and someone writes
an XSLT template with an XPATH that points to God-Knows-Where? Xalan has
a feature called "incremental processing", which means on forward
references it waits until all elements are there - although I don't
understand how that can resolve backwards references. XSLTC uses a type
of DOM, so no problems there. What does Perl's XSLT processor do in this regard?



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