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From fo...@neonics.com
Subject Re: Modularizing XSP
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 14:00:11 GMT

> >I've created a Cocoon clone with XSP and fairly regularly use XML/XSP
> >to produce Java code, which is very easy to do.
> >
> Can you explain why you created a clone ? Doesn't the "original" Cocoon 
> fit you needs ?

The original Cocoon was to big and too slow for my needs. It is a
masterpiece of software engineering, but it has way to many features
and is too pluggable and extensible.. I had a lot of problems then with
Cocoon, but I liked the idea so much I decided to make my own
version which only consists of 7 classes and some files from my own lib..

I won't say my 'cocoon' is better than the original, but it allowed me to
modify it to perfectly fit my needs. Also, back then there were some
problems with parameter passing, and it didn't allow me to use regular
expressions (although it would let me add some regular expression matcher
which could be used). Also, the logic sheets needed to be in the cocoon
configuration, and during development, if I edited the logic sheet, 
I needed to restart Cocoon. I'm sure all this is fixed by now, though.

I was just so curious how it all worked, and when I was exploring
cocoon (by looking at the source and creating a sample servlet with the
XSP functionality) I already had a working 'Cocoon' clone and stuck with
that instead of Cocoon. 

A few days back I was even looking if I could eliminate Tomcat by
directly talking to apache through mod_jk, but it seemed too much work :)

The main problem I have with cocoon is that when I update one of the
jar files in the WEB-INF/lib is that 9 out of 10 times the site won't run
anymore (with a stacktrace in the tomcat logs) even though it should..
so I had to restart Tomcat too (which is running together with Jboss
and takes about 1m24s on my machine) which slows down the development
process quite a bit...

But we were talking about Cocoon here.. :)

> >But I think you Apache people could have done this yourself
> >a long time ago.. The compile-sitemap solution is much faster runtime
> >than an interpreted version.. 
> >
> Cocoon has an interpreted sitemap engine since a few months. And it's a 
> little bit faster than the compiled one !

well well :)

So it enables me to runtime edit the sitemap, and Cocoon reflects the
changes in the sitemap upon the next page request, like in my clone?  :)

As I said, Cocoon and Tomcat have (or had) their drawbacks during
development.. my machine is not all that fast and I can only drink
a certain amount of coffee per day :)

> >The idea is that the $1, $2 etc which represent the parenthesis in the
> >regular expression can be used in the src attributes of logic,
> >style, and serialize and also be used as values for parameters..
> >
> Cocoon's sitemap has been doing this since day one !

... my bad.. ;)

> You have great ideas that fully resonate with what Cocoon is today. What 
> about working with us on the "real" cocoon instead of reinventing your own ?

Sure, I'd like that! 
I just thought Cocoon would be finished by now having all those great
programmers working on it for so long.. ;)


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