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From David Zellhoefer <da...@8bit-inferno.de>
Subject German special character got lost during XSP processing
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2003 22:45:15 GMT

I have a problem with the encoding of special characters (my assumption) 
and their processing in Cocoon. You'll find my configuration below.

I have a database holding some strings with special German "Umlaute" 
such as ä, ö etc.
All characters are stored right, when I check them with the MySQL 
console or with PHPMyAdmin on the server.

If I run a query with ESQL and retrieve some strings from MySQL Cocoon 
produces a weird output like "thisIsATest?", where the last character 
should be one of the "Umlauts".
I programmed a work-around for DOS which only takes the string and 
replaces all characters with themselves (String.replaceAll()).
This approach doesn't work under Linux.
I have a pipeline finally ending in a HTML output, but the XML produced 
by the XSP has this problem as well.

Has anyone an idea how to encode the characters in a way that Cocoon is 
able to work with? Or do I have to change something else?




RedHat 8.0
Java 1.4.1
Cocoon 2.0.4
MySQL Ver 8.23 Distrib 3.23.52

David Zellhöfer
Västanågatan 22.207

582 35 Linköping

phone: +46 (0)13 149 188
mobile phone: +46 (0)70 856 93 46
e-mail: david@8bit-inferno.de
icq: 241095373

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