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Subject [Apache XMLBeans Wiki] New: ReleaseCandidateChecklist
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 21:30:29 GMT
   Date: 2005-01-28T13:30:29
   Editor: KevinKrouse
   Wiki: Apache XMLBeans Wiki
   Page: ReleaseCandidateChecklist
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/xmlbeans/ReleaseCandidateChecklist

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New Page:

= Creating a Release Candidate =

The process should be much easier this time around now that XMLBeans is not in the incubator.
 Here's a list off the top of my head of things we need to do for making a release candidate
1 of 2.0.0 and 1.0.4 and 1.0.4-jdk1.3:

== Checklist ==

''(Check off the [ ] items with [X] as we complete them)''

 * [ ] Any remaining checkings go in now
   * [ ] I know the XMLBean task and docs are out of date with respect to the command line
   * [ ] Merge changes from branches/1.x into branches/1.x-jdk1.3 so they are in sync
 * [ ] Check all version strings are correct in build files, docs, and source:
   * I think we should append "-rc1" for each release candidate, so
   * trunk version is ''2.0.0-rc1''
   * branches/1.x is ''1.0.4-rc1''
   * branches/1.x-jdk1.3 is ''1.0.4-jdk1.3-rc1''
 * [ ] Licensing issues for trunk:
   * [ ] All our files should have Apache header
   * [ ] External files should have a reference to the license
   ''The branches/1.x and branches/1.x-jdk1.3 should be ok''
 * [ ] Update README.txt, STATUS files
 * [ ] Add a new CHANGES that lists all major changes and bug fixes
   a. Maybe just "svn log" from last release?
   a. Or a bunch of one-liners? who made them, when, and a short description
 * [ ] Send a [VOTE] email to dev list for making a release of all
 * [ ] Build the source and binary distribution on windows:
   * [ ] smoke test it on both win/unix
   * [ ] Check docs built with distribution are good (javadocs, guids, samples)
   ''I remember seeing the tar gzipped version of the distribution was not named .tar.gz''
 * [ ] After vote is complete, sign the distribution
 * [ ] Tag the release candidate in svn after all svn changes are complete.
 * [ ] Update website to point to distribution
 * [ ] Email the dev and user list saying the rc has been released.

We can still do bug fixes after the rc1 goes out.  We'll just make an rc2, rc3, etc.  Once
the final rcX is good, we'll create a new branch named 2.0.0, redo the version string, and
make a release of that.  Sound good?

Am I missing anything?

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