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Subject [Xmlbeans Wiki] Trivial Update of "NonvalidatingStronglyTypedWrapperOverJsr173Parser" by DrewLiscomb
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2011 20:15:03 GMT
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The "NonvalidatingStronglyTypedWrapperOverJsr173Parser" page has been changed by DrewLiscomb:

blot spam

    * calling getIntValue() should work like XML!StreamReader's getElementText() i.e.:
      * reads the content of a text-only element, an exception is thrown if this is not a
 text-only element. Regardless of value of javax.xml.stream.isCoalescing this method always
returns coalesced content. ( ex. for <a>  1<!--comment-->0  </a> getIntValue()
will return an int with value 10 ) 
      * Precondition: the current event is START_ELEMENT. 
-     * Postcondition: the current event is the [[http://www.bookkeepersaustralia.com/|bookkeepers
in Melbourne]] corresponding END_ELEMENT. 
+     * Postcondition: the current event is the corresponding END_ELEMENT. 
      * plus there is one difference, in case of an inner element the stream will be consumed
up to the corresponding END_ELEMENT and then thrown an exception
      * if the text inside is not lexically correct for the implied schema type an !InvalidLexicalValueException
will be thrown for being consistent on all methods, the exception will contain the Location
of the error.
@@ -43, +43 @@

      /** Returns the value as a byte. */
      public byte getByteValue() throws XMLStreamException;}}}
- for xsd:short and [[http://www.bookkeeperaustralia.com/|bookkeeper Australia]] derivates
+ for xsd:short and derivates
      /** Returns the value as a short. */
      public short getShortValue() throws XMLStreamException;}}}
@@ -60, +60 @@

  for xsd:integer and derivates
-     /** Returns the [[http://payrollingservices.wordpress.com/|payroll services]] value
as a {@link java.math.BigInteger}. */
+     /** Returns the value as a {@link java.math.BigInteger}. */
      public BigInteger getBigIntegerValue() throws XMLStreamException;}}}
  for xsd:decimal and derivates
@@ -141, +141 @@

    * Implementation optimization: because all numeral parsing code in the JDK takes a String
 as the input parameter, to avoid the creation of all this Strings an implementation will
have to implement those parsing methods on a !CharSequence interface. In the same time the
whitespace collapsing should be done.
- [[http://payrollingservices.wordpress.com/|payroll services]]

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