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From Thierry Kormann <tkorm...@sophia.inria.fr>
Subject Re: Dynamic update while using transcoder
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 17:42:40 GMT
On Friday 23 February 2001 15:32, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I m new in the SVG / XML world and I need some help, I hope that I won t
> distrub you too much.
> I use a sevlet to create PNG from SVG, I use the transcoder API for that.
> I have some problem with the xlink, the image i use are in a database : is
> there a way to replace the xlink uri while I m transcoding the svg ?
> (handler I suppose) or do I have to preprocess my svg ? Where can i find
> some good tutorial about that ?

Well, the transcoder API does not let you apply any modifications on the 
document (it's just a transcoder :). I think, in your case, you will have to:

1. construct a SVG DOM tree,
2. change the uri you want
3. pass this SVG DOM tree to the transcoder of your choice.

Hope this help,

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