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From "Denis Bohm" <de...@fireflydesign.com>
Subject Re: svgDocument.getElementById returns null (now BridgeContext.getGraphicsNode returns null)
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 15:14:06 GMT
> >>  My SVG file has:
> >>
> >> <text id="dpu" x="10" y="10" class="fil2 fnt0">and</text>
>              ^^^
> >> And my Java code does:
> >>
> >> Element element = svgDocument.getElementById("alu");
>                                                  ^^^
> >> Any idea what might be happening?
>    Well, I'm hoping this is just a cut and past mistake but,
> you are aware that the id's must match, right?
>    We haven't integrated with the mind reading module yet :)

That was it!  Thanks for catching it, I must have made a brain-o when I was
cutting my code down to try to narrow the problem.

The initial problem that I was having, and am still having, is the next line
in my code where it tries to lookup the graphic node using the bridge:

        GraphicsNode node = bridgeContext.getGraphicsNode(element);

This one is returning null.  Hopefully it's not something equally as obvious
as the previous posting!

What I'm trying to do is load a document, create a JSVGComponent, add mouse
listeners to certain graphic nodes, and later update some properties (text
string, colors, visibility, mostly).  I've attached the class source and the
svg file I'm using for testing.


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