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From "Brigette Muller" <brigette_mul...@coxtarget.com>
Subject SVGGraphics2D & Fonts
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2001 21:00:39 GMT
Hi all,

	I am using a SVGGraphics2D to build my graphic from Java. When I
use drawString(string, x, y)  for drawing my text. I'm guessing I need
to use the Font Converter to convert my TrueType font to SVG (which I
have done). Now, where do I put the SVG so the setFont adds the font to
the defs? Or do I need to add contents of the converted SVG (the <defs>
<font ....> </font> </defs>) to the dom separately? Has anyone come up
with a convention for storing svg fonts for embedding?

I know I can use draw() instead, but I would rather have the fonts
embedded  - as this allows the text search facilities.

Brigette Muller
Cox Target Media

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