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From Thieler Jens <Jens.Thie...@dwd.de>
Subject AW: Using URL rather than embedded PNG from SVGGraphics2D
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 15:52:39 GMT
>Hi all, 
>Does anyone have an example of some code to create an SVG document
>with an image referenced by a URL, rather >than an embedded png?
>I know the SVG fragment needs to look something like this:
><image x="0" y="0" width="570"

If you are using a recent CVS version of Batik
you may try the following constructor:

    * @param domFactory Factory which will produce Elements for the DOM tree
    *                    this Graphics2D generates.
    * @param imageHandler defines how images are referenced in the
    *                     generated SVG fragment
    * @param extensionHandler defines how Java 2D API extensions map
    *                         to SVG Nodes.
    * @param textAsShapes if true, all text is turned into SVG shapes in the
    *        convertion. No SVG text is output.
    * @exception SVGGraphics2DRuntimeException if domFactory is null.
   public SVGGraphics2D(Document domFactory,
                        ImageHandler imageHandler,
                        ExtensionHandler extensionHandler,
                        boolean textAsShapes)

Three ImageHandlers are available.
The default is ImageHandlerBase64Encoder.
You may want to play with this one:
    * @param imageDir directory where this handler should generate images.
    *        If null, an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.
    * @param urlRoot root for the urls that point to images created by this
    *        image handler. If null, then the url corresponding to imageDir
    *        is used.
   public ImageHandlerPNGEncoder(String imageDir, String urlRoot)

Jens Thieler

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