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From tom poe <tom...@renonevada.net>
Subject HP and their plans for Batik
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2001 20:09:43 GMT
Hello:  We're celebrating HP's one year anniversary of their patent on 
embedded web servers:

  US5956487: Embedding web access mechanism in an appliance for user 
interface functions including a web server- - -

 "Web access functionality is embedded in a device to enable low cost widely 
accessible and enhanced user interface functions for the device. A web server 
in the device provides access to the user interface functions for the device 
through a device web page. A network interface in the device enables access 
to the web page by a web browser such that a user of the web browser accesses 
the user interface functions for the device through the web page."

Once they announce the demise of computers as we know them, and PC's are 
outlawed, only to be replaced by "approved, certified, and registered" 
devices, HP and others will be just tickled pink, won't they?

Maybe, just maybe that's why there's so much interest in consolidation of PC 
manufacturers, eh?  I'm sure HP has reminded the SEC, FTC, and others, right?

And you ask, what has this to do with DMCA, SSSCA, Batik?  Well, there seems 
to be some small glitches in just who owns the rights to Scalable Vector 
Graphics, and just how Internet access will be controlled down the road.  
Remember our friend the GIF?  Tomorrow, there is scheduled decision-making 
going on at W3C.org on patent use in Internet Standards.  I encourage 
everyone that wants to get paid by companies for their work on up and coming 
Batik "proprietary standards", contact W3C.org and inquire.  Tongue-in-cheek  

Go to:
http://www.openphd.net/W3C_Patent_Policy  and scroll down to Batik for the 
"correct" information.

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