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From Matti Koskimies <...@fishpool.fi>
Subject Problem transcoding SVG file, X server issue
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2001 15:27:57 GMT

I'm having a problem transcoding a particular SVG file in Batik. The file
loads just fine into an SVGDocument, but trying to transcode it into a PNG
image always fails with a DOM exception, which gives the not-very-useful
error message of "style.sheet".

I've tried loading the file into Adobe's SVG Viewer, which views it just
fine. I've also tried converting the file myself into SVG with Adobe
Illustrator (I originally got the file in both SVG and AI formats), but
unfortunately the failure is exactly the same even with that version.

The example SVG files that come with Batik seem to work fine; well,
actually I've just tried batikYin.svg, but I'm assuming there's something
very different about my SVG files, I just can't figure out what. Are they
missing some style sheet information, and if so, what can I do to fix
them? Or is this a problem in Batik itself? In either case, is there
something I can do to make the file work?

The file in question is a map of Helsinki, which we are using in a
project. I don't want to attach it to this mail since it's about 280K in
size. If anyone would be willing to test it though, I can attach it to a
personal mail.

I'm using Batik 1.0 (though I've also tried 1.1, and a newer version of
Xerces, with the same problem) with Sun JDK 1.3.1 on a Debian GNU/Linux
("testing" distribution) system, kernel 2.2.19. The architecture is an x86

A smaller issue that I've been unable to fix is that Batik seems to want
an X server connection even when just using it as a library for
transcoding. This gets a bit difficult when making a server based on it;
running a dummy virtual X server on a machine just for Batik is a bit of a
hack. Is there any way to tell Batik not to try to connect to an X server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Matti Koskimies                                  Fishpool Creations Ltd
msk@fishpool.fi                                  Tekniikantie 12
+358-400-438055                                  02150 Espoo
http://msk.nocrew.org                            Finland

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