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From tom poe <tom...@renonevada.net>
Subject Re: Batik status
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 04:32:57 GMT
On Tuesday 09 October 2001 11:14, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm curious about Batik's status - I notice that the "Status" page
> (xml.apache.org/batik/status.html) hasn't changed for some time. Are
> Batik's dynamic components under development?
> Thanks,
> Alec Smecher
> alecs@praxistech.com

Hi, Alec:  My guess is, that with the question of whether the standards are 
based on patents, and whether the patent policy issues will be resolved, the 
forward progress has slowed for the moment.  At some point, if the W3C.org 
patent policy is instituted, that organization dries up as just a proprietary 
workshop to promote private industry.  Another, Open Standards organization 
will pop up, clean up the Batik/SVG issues, and soon we'll have dynamic 
component work again.  What's your feeling?  Thanks, Tom

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