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From Jeff Adams <je...@coursewave.com>
Subject Re: Batik Under OS X 10.1
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 16:25:40 GMT
>     Hmm, if I had to guess the problem is that it finds the font but
>for some reason it can't match our requests for glyphs with the glyphs
>in the font, so it prints the above diagnositc and uses the 'missing
>glyph' outline (the box), so our GlyphVector gets filled with missing
>glyphs, this would be correct behaviour if we were asking for nonsense
>glyphs, which I suppose is possible, if for example there is supposed
>to be a translation step you go through but for Solaris, Linux, and
>Win32 it's the identity function, but isn't for MacOS.
>     Have you tried some of the SVGFont tests to see if they work
>properly?  They are the samples/tests/font*.svg tests.
>     I'm guessing they will work fine since it doesn't use the JDK font
>stuff for very much, but if they fail as well it might be very

Here are some quick comments on testing samples/tests/font*.svg
within MacOS X 10.1 using batik1.1rc

Yes, the <glyph> svg font tags specified as paths
all seem to work and display ok,
but the <text> glpyhs relying on standard Arial, Helvetica
defaulted settings display as the missing glyph boxes

So for instance in fontChoice.svg,
only the characters 'd', 'G', 'a', 'g' and 'r' from SVG Georgia display ok



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