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From Chris Lilley <ch...@w3.org>
Subject Re: SVG->PNG, background tranparency problem. Help please
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 15:55:13 GMT
On Sunday, March 03, 2002, 8:45:07 PM, classloader wrote:

c> But after I create the webpage with that svg5.PNG file, I put it on top of my testing
webpage, and browse it with IE 6. I found its background is not transparent at all. 
c> [http://www.dynazone.com/SVG/movingNotTransparent.htm]

c> I tried different approaches, but all failed:
c> 1) java -jar batik-resterizer.jar -bg svg5.svg  --- failed
c> 2) Change the PNGTranscoder.java, change variable "a" to 0. a is alpha channel value.
--- failed again
c> ... ...
c> Now matter what I have tried, the background of the generated PNG file was either all
black or all white, but never transparent.(I am new to Image processing, maybe something above
I did is not in
c> correct way. Correct me please. )

To find out whether you have made a good PNG or not, IE is not the
appropriate tool.

Check out pngcheck which will tell you exactly what chunks are in the
PNG file, and pngcrush which will let you improve the compression, add
and delete chunks.   They are both command line tools, compile anywhere.


 Chris                            mailto:chris@w3.org

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