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From "Stephane Hillion" <shill...@ilog.fr>
Subject RE: Repainting a GVT tree
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 16:33:02 GMT
> From: Andy Ames [mailto:agames@surfnetusa.com]
> Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2002 12:24 AM
> To: Batik Users
> Subject: Repainting a GVT tree
> How do I repaint a GVT tree in a JSVGCanvas without rebuilding
> the GVT tree
> from the SVG DOM?
> The Javadoc for JSVGComponent illustrates the following rendering steps:
> 1) Building DOM
> 2) Building GVT
> 3) Execute SVGLoad events
> 4) Rendering GVT
> 5) Update threads started
> My question is, how do I re-execute step 4?

The step 5 handles the repaint of GVT (if the changes to GVT where caused by
a change to the DOM tree), so it is not needed to re-execute step 4.

If nothing happen when you modify the DOM tree, it is perhaps because:

- the component has detected that the document is static. To prevent that,
call JSVGComponent.setDocumentState(JSVGComponent.ALWAYS_DYNAMIC) method
before loading or setting your document,

- you are modifying GVT directly. JSVGComponent cannot handle this case,

- you are trying to modify some style properties with Batik 1.5beta1. Get
the current CVS version, it will probably work.

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