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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject mapping and image merge
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:35:58 GMT
>>>>> "CF" == Chris Faulkner <christopher.faulkner@ntlworld.com> writes:

CF> Hi all I've been using FOP recently to embed dynamically-created
CF> imagery of map data into PDF documents, in a JSP environment. I'd
CF> like to add some features to the top of those images, where the
CF> data has been derived from a database in SVG format. The Batik
CF> rasterizer looks very interesting to me in this respect. However,
CF> the bits that I can't immediatley see from the website are

CF> 1. Is there anyway that I can use the rasterizer to "add" the
CF> SVG-generated image to my existing map image ?  Maybe taking my
CF> existing image as input.

    Check out the 'image' element in SVG you can include your raster
content as an element in the SVG document.  Batik understands

CF> As I mentioned, I have an existing image and I'd just like to draw
CF> the SVG on top of that.  

    The image element can also reference SVG content so you could have
each of your overlays in a seperate document and then merge everything
in a small SVG document that just references everything (image in the
back then the layers built up on top).

CF> If the output is to HTML, I could probably just make two images
CF> and use CSS to put one on top of the other, assuming that the
CF> Batik rasterizer lets me specify transparency. However, I'm not
CF> sure that I could put one image on top of the other in XSL-FO.  I
CF> can manipulate the two images in the way that I want with netpbm
CF> but that would mean doing something nasty as a system call.

CF> 2. Does anyone have any examples of invoking Batik in JSP ?

    There is a book that has a chapter on this -the title eludes me at
the moment, check the archives.

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