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From "Charles H. Woloszynski" <...@clearmetrix.com>
Subject SVG and <EMBED> tags
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 17:09:54 GMT
I have an SVG question, but it is not directly a Batik question.  I am 
hoping someone who is familiar with SVG might be on this list and can 

I have an SVG that takes a long time to generate (we use some JSPs to 
generate a dynamic traceroute) and we want to display a 'tracing' 
message display while the process is going on.  In GIF land, we put up 
one image ('tracing') and then  use the <body onLoad=""> to run a script 
to load (altering the element.src attribute) the longer-loading images. 
 I tried to do the equivalent with the <EMBED> tag, giving it an ID, and 
an initial SVG that says 'tracing'.  That part works.  WhenI look up the 
element (document.getElementById('SVG')) and then alter its src 
attribute, it does not reload.

Does anyone know how to get a SVG url to reload like this?

Thanks in advance,



Charles H. Woloszynski

ClearMetrix, Inc.
115 Research Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015

tel: 610-419-2210 x400
fax: 240-371-3256
web: www.clearmetrix.com

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